Godslayers by Zoe Hana Mikuta ARC Review

Genre: YA dystopian, LGBTQ+, science fiction

Release date: June 28, 2022

Representation: sapphic main and side characters, lesbian main character, bisexual main character, asexual side characters, trans side character, Korean main characters

CW: death, war, violence, blood, gun violence, suicide


Godslayers–Zoe Hana Mikuta’s high-octane sequel to Gearbreakers–is perfect for fans of Pacific Rim, Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Saga, and Marie Lu’s Legend series.

The only way to kill a god is from the inside…

The Gearbreakers struck a devastating blow against Godolia on Heavensday, but the cost of victory has been steep. Months later, the few rebels who’ve managed to escape the tyrannical empire’s bloody retribution have fled to the mountains, hunted by the last Zenith–Godolia’s only surviving leader.

Eris has been held prisoner since the attack on the capital city, which almost killed her. And she begins to wish it had when she discovers Sona–the girl she loves, the girl she would tear down cities for–also survived, only to be captured and Corrupted by the Zenith. The cybernetic brainwashing that Sona has forcibly undergone now has her believing herself a loyal soldier for Godolia, and Eris’ mortal enemy.

With the rebellion shattered and Godolia moving forward with an insidious plan to begin inducting Badlands children into a new Windup Pilot program, the odds have never been more stacked against the Gearbreakers. Their last hope for victory will depend on whether Eris and Sona can somehow find their way back to each other from opposite sides of a war…

My Review

My rating: 1,0000/5 stars

How did I live life before reading this series? If Gearbreakers was amazing, Godslayers is on another planet. This sequel takes everything to the next level. The romance, the plot, the found family relationships. Wow.

We left our beloved main characters on quite a cliff hanger at the end of Gearbreakers, but readers will not have to wait long for their fates to become known. Godslayers jumps right into the action, something that Gearbreakers lacked in its opening.

While this series is objectively amazing on its surface premise of rebellious teens taking down giant robots, its what it underneath that makes these books amazing. The love that all the characters feel for each other is so evident in every single line. Godslayers reminds us that these characters are, above all, children who have had to grow up too fast. Godslayers will no doubt make you feel all the things way too strongly. If I think too hard about this book I might cry.

My favorite thing about this series will always be the found family within it. Eris’ crew loves and looks out for each other so fiercely. It is all I want in life and more to find friends like this.

The time jumps were really the only thing that bothered me in this book but only because I wanted every single Eris and Sona moment to be written out on the page for me to devour. I will forever be devastated that I will never be able to read a Sona/Eris scene for the first time again.

This book gave me major book hangover in the best way. So much so that I jumped right into a reread of Gearbreakers after finishing it. I don’t know if I will ever find books I love as much as this series. They just have all the feels, the perfect romance, the snarky side characters, the epic plot, the deep moments, the quotable lines, literally everything.

I recommend this to: everyone. Please. Go read this book.

Have you read Gearbreakers? Is Godslayers on your TBR? Let me know in the comments!

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