My 2021 Reading Resolutions

I cannot believe 2021 is here. As the year of my high school graduation, it has been a number in my head for the last 4 years. And now it is here. And while it may be nothing like I thought it would be, at least one thing is still the same: I’m a reader. And so today I bring you my 2021 reading resolutions!

1. Read 80 books

This is more of a goal than a resolution, but still. My goal for 2020 was 60 and I ended up reading so much that I raised it to 75. So in 2021 I am challenging myself to read 80 books. Want to keep up with my reading book by book? Follow or friend me on Goodreads! You can click on my shelf to the right or find the G logo at the bottom of the page or search my username @ jules_reads_books on the app or website.

2. Reread less

Yes you read that right. As much as I love to reread my old favorites, it does take a lot of time away from all the new books on my TBR. And in 2020 I reread… a lot. So in 2021 I am challenging myself. I am allowing myself to reread half the number of books I reread in 2020. Since I read 35 rereads in 2020 (! that’s insane) I can only reread 17 books in 2021. Which I guess is still a lot.

3. Read at least 60% of the unread books on my shelf

I have no idea how many unread books I have on my shelf so I definitely need to count. But my goal is to read at least 60% of the unread books on my shelf now.

4. Read more less popular books

Sorry if that phrasing is confusing! Basically, I read a lot of popular books. So my goal for this new year is to read more books that are not as popular. This is not to knock popular books, they are usually popular for a reason. But I feel as though I am missing out on some great books because I am spending time reading books that I am not very interested in just because they are popular. So I am super excited to read some lesser known books this year!

5. Read more diversely

This is probably my most important goal for 2021. Number wise, my goal is to have 50% of my books read be diverse, either with a diverse author or main character. And this is not only ethnicity or race wise, but also sexuality, gender and disability. This one may be hard, but it is super important. And so many amazing creators have posts and videos with lists upon lists of diverse recommendations which will help me out so much! If you take ideas from any of my goals, please let it be this one. Challenge yourself right along with me to make half of your books more diverse. Let’s encourage each other, and give each other recommendations!

Blogging goals

1. Post twice a week

This may be a bit of a stretch for me. I was posting twice a week for a while there, but when school started up it became too much. But only posting once a week is almost too little for me, and I have posts stacking up in my drafts that will never be posted (goodbye to my Finally Fall book tag). So twice a week is my goal, but I won’t be too hard on myself if I cannot achieve it.

So those are all my reading resolutions for this new year! I cannot wait to start reading and I hope I can meet all, or at least some, of my goals.

What are your reading goals and resolutions for 2021?

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