How many of my “Books I NEED to read in 2020” did I actually read?

About two months ago, I posted a list of The Books I NEED to Read in 2020. Now I bring you my follow up post, how many of those books did I actually read? So I am going to go through the list from the first post and explain whether or not I actually read it.

1. Blood and Honey

I actually tried to read this one, I swear. But I discovered that I actually really don’t care about Reid. With half the book being told from his perspective, I just couldn’t get through it. I read about 90 pages and barely anything had happened. I may or may not try this one again, but for now it’s going to sit on my shelf. I have heard mixed reviews of this, and some issues with the representation have also been brought to my attention. Overall, I am not too disappointed that I didn’t read this one.

2. Bone Crier’s Moon

To be honest, I didn’t even try to read this one. I totally forgot this was on my list and I did not pick it up. I still really want to read it, but this is going to have to be a 2021 read. Especially since the sequel is coming out next year, I will almost definitely be picking this one up.

3. These Violent Delights

Hey look, one I actually read! I read and LOVED this book back in November. You can read my full review here, but my instagram followers know I have been talking about this one nonstop. This was my number one read of 2020, and the only book that made me cry. I absolutely cannot wait for the sequel and after that cliffhanger I need it like yesterday! If you have not read this book, please please do I promise you will not regret it.

4. The Toll

I was joking myself with this one. Even as I wrote the original post, I knew I wasn’t going to read it this year. I definitely still want to read this one because I loved the first two of this series, but it may be a while. I want to be in the mood for it when I do read it, since it is so different from the books I usually read. Also it’s super long, which is a little intimidating. This one is going on my list for 2021 though!

5. The Betrothed

Yep, still haven’t read this one either. I am scared to read this, since so many people absolutely hated it. I will read it soon, and it is pretty short. It has all the things I usually love royalty, court intrigue, forbidden romance, but the negative reviews are definitely scaring me away from it.

So that is it! Overall, I read one of these books, although I attempted another. So not the most successful endeavor ever.

Have you read any of these? What books did you want to get around to that you never did?

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5 thoughts on “How many of my “Books I NEED to read in 2020” did I actually read?”

  1. I checked Blood and Honey from the library until I realised I didn’t actually care for Serpent and Dove. So I returned it.

    I also planned to read The Toll this year but I didn’t get around to it which I hope to in 2021!

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