Gifts for the Book Lover in your life

Struggling with thinking of the perfect gift for the reader in your life? Look no further. As a reader myself, I can help you navigate the world of bookish merch. If you know a reader, you’re in the right place. If you are a reader, send this to your friends and family so they know what gift to get you! So let’s get right into the list.

1. Books!

This may seem obvious, but readers will always appreciate receiving a good book. You may think I want a more creative gift, something more unique. And that’s fine, but books are the tried and true. Gift them one of your favorites, or stalk their Goodreads to find out what books are on their wishlist.

2. Book cozies

This depends on the recipient, but many book worms hate their books getting damaged during travel. The perfect gift for those readers are book cozies! They are basically a fabric slot for books. Some have zippers on top, some button closed, and some don’t fasten closed at all. Most come in many different patterns and colors. You can often find one with a design inspired by popular books. You can just search book cozies on Etsy or look at my favorite shops below.

Here are some of my favorite stores to buy book cozies:

Book Beau

Library Lab Co.

3. Book Boxes

I promise, the reader in your life will love you forever if you get them one of these. Book boxes are basically just a box (duh) with bookish stuff inside. Every month, they send you a package chock full of amazing goodies, as well as a book (depending on the box you get). Most are available in 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions. These boxes are a great gift if you are not sure what kind of books your reader likes, because they are professionally curated by people who know the book world inside and out. All you have to do is pick one for the right age group (middle grade, young adult, or adult) and let the professionals work their magic.

Some of my favorites:

Fairy Loot

Owl Crate



Bookmarks are the perfect stocking stuffer! And you may be thinking but Julia, bookmarks are just pieces of cardboard. And you’d be right. But there are countless artists on Etsy and their own websites selling absolutely gorgeous bookmarks with art inspired by popular books. Readers love bookmarks. Personally, I like to match my bookmark to the book I am reading (yes I’m a huge nerd) and I know many readers like to do the same.

5. Gift cards

There is no better gift to give a reader than the gift of allowing them to choose their own books. This is perfect for the picky reader, or if you have no idea what they like to read. And you may think that only bad gift givers give gift cards (say that ten times fast), but I promise the reader in your life will love this gift. Gift cards to a local or indie bookshop would be the perfect way to support small businesses in this hard time and give a book lover the perfect gift.

6. Bookshelf decorations

Bookshelf decorations? You mean books? Nope. It may seem crazy, but readers love to decorate their shelves. And you can help them have the perfect bookstagram (book Instagram) worthy shelves. So what kind of decorations do they want? I’m glad you asked. Fairy lights are the perfect way to bring soft, ambient light to a bookworm’s library. Mugs with book inspired designs are the perfect way to hold bookmarks on their shelves. Funko pops of their favorite characters are perfect for cute-ifying their shelves. Maybe some mini Christmas trees if you celebrate Christmas. Really, the possibilities are endless. I have candles, snow globes, art prints, and a letter board decorating my shelves.

7. A reading journal

Readers love to keep track of the books they read with sites like Goodreads, but reading journals are perfect for the old-school or bullet journalling reader. These journals allow readers to keep track of all the books they’ve read, all those they want to read, and their thoughts and reviews.

You can find the reading journal I have here. It has plenty of space for all the books and I absolutely love it.

8. Candles

Almost every bookworm loves candles. I don’t really know why, just one of life’s mysteries I guess. Anyway, the number of Etsy shops dedicated solely to making bookish candles will blow your mind. Seriously, just go on Etsy and search book candle. It’s insane. These candles are designed to smell like readers’ favorite characters, or transport them into far away worlds with scents inspired by fictional places. I have many, many candles and I love burning them when I am reading. It enhances the reading experience in indescribable ways. If you know their favorite book or character, you can buy a candle specifically themed to that. If you don’t, many shops make candles curated to genres like fantasy or mystery. If you don’t know their favorite genre, there are candles like “Reading” or “Library” that are great for all readers. Or you could just find one that sounds like it smells good and get that one. Shops usually list the scents they use for each candle.

9. Art

Readers love fan art. Small art can be used to decorate book shelves, larger ones can be hung on the walls. There is just something special about having art of your favorite fictional characters decorate your room. If you want to buy art for a reader, I would start out by asking them for their favorite book (preferably a popular book because popular books tend to have more art) or asking them for their favorite fan artist or bookish art shop. If that seems too obvious, a great way to buy art is on Redbubble. On Redbubble, artists can upload their work and Redbubble will print it on all kinds of things (mugs, blankets, shirts, pillows) and ship it out for them. And there is tons of art on Redbubble, not just bookish. So while shopping for your favorite reader you just might find the perfect gift for someone else!

10. Reading accessories

Ok yes, technically the only accessory you need to read is a book. But reading is so much better with some extra goodies! If you know a night owl, a book light may be the perfect gift for them. These little lights clip on to books to provide the perfect light right were you need it. If you know someone like me, who is always adjusting their reading position, the best gift for them may be a reading pillow or a book bean from Book Beau. If you know someone who reads those humongous books (War and Peace, anyone?) the perfect gift for them may be this little thumb thing to help them hold their tome. If you know someone who’s always carrying their books around with them, a book themed tote bag would be an amazing gift. If you know a Kindle reader, get them a brand new Kindle case. If you know a stylish reader, maybe some book themed t-shirts or jewelry would be best for them. Honestly, this kind of depends on the individuals reading habits, but I am sure any reader would appreciate any of these amazing bookish gifts.

So that’s my list of the best gifts for the readers in your life. I hope this gives you some ideas and inspiration and I hope all the readers in your life get the best gifts yet! If you are my family reading this to get ideas of what to get me (hi family!) I’ve had my eye on a Fairyloot subscription for a while now (hint hint). If you are a bookworm like me, send this to your friends and family right now so you can stop receiving more socks and start getting the gifts you actually want!

Are any of these items on your wishlist? What other bookish gifts are you asking for this holiday season?

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